Noel Gallagher wont wear a face mask but Liam will

Going against the laws set out by the Government that everyone has to wear a face mask. Noel Gallagher, front man of Oasis, says that he refuses to wear one when he goes shopping.

Noel Gallagher wont wear a face mask but Liam will: The law was bought in at the start of the pandemic to try and stop the spread of the virus. And wearing one over your mouth and nose is mandatory now in shops and supermarkets.

He said that he has been challenged twice now regarding not wearing one, once in a shop and once on a train. Speaking out on a podcast Gallagher said that having to wear one when you go shopping but not in a pub is “b***ocks” and added that there are “too many f***ing liberties being taken away from us”.

The Oasis band guitarist added that “I choose not to wear one and if I get the virus it’s on me. It’s not on anyone else. If every other c*** is wearing a mask I’m not going to catch it off them. And if I’ve got it then they’re not going to catch it off me. I think it’s a p***take. There’s no need for it.”

The World Health Organisation have said that wearing a mask in public when you cannot safely distance yourself from others is obligatory. Recently Noel’s brother, Liam Gallagher, said that wearing a mask has to be done although he did admit that he didn’t like them.  Global247News Twitter

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