Nile Fever Deaths Spain

Nile fever continues to kill residents in Spain as mosquitoes spread the killer disease

Mosquitoes continue to kill in Spain as they spread Nile Fever: Another victim has met his death to the deadly Nile Fever that is spread by mosquitoes as Spain battles the disease.

The victim, this time a 59-year-old man in the Cadiz region in southern Spain, died after spending 5 nights in the local hospital. Increasing the current death tally. Whilst this is the second case this week in the Cadiz region.

A Woman in her 80’s also died from Nile Fever in Cadiz several days ago.

The main area affected had been Sevilla. Although as authorities took action against mosquitoes in the region by disinfecting streets and dampened areas that attract them. It now appears the mosquitoes have moved on to new pastures as they spread the disease.

Cadiz itself now has 5 current active cases in its hospitals . Whilst again the local authorities attempt prevention operations.

The latest victim has been described as fit and healthy before contracting the deadly mosquito bite.

The concerns for many on Spain’s Costa del Sol is that they border with Cadiz. And now fear a swarm of infections heading to the area.

Stephanie Bootle told Global247news of her fears: “It’s becoming a serious concern for me. I’m like an all-day buffet to the little blighters at the best of times. Although you don’t expect to die from a bite. I’m taking every precaution possible now after hearing about these deaths,” she said.  Global247News Twitter

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