Joe Biden plays 'F*** the police' rap song during his speech as he aims to defund departments across America

Biden caused outrage among right-wing voters as he played the song sung by NWA on stage during a campaign stop in Florida on Tuesday.

The song, released in the 1990s and shows disdain for police using profanity, was played by a smiling Biden as he fumbled with his phone.

The video below has made it’s way all over social media.

The move, which critics say has come in a bid to pander to black and Black Lives Matter voters, has caused outrage amongst the nation and across the world.

More and more left-wing people have become anti-police since the George Floyd riots after Minnesota police strangled him to death.

And the Democrats are wanting to defund the police even though riots and burning cars and buildings rage across Democratic cities such as Chicago and Portland.

President Trump has offered to send in Federal help numerous times but says they are ‘rejected’.

The President is yet to comment on Biden’s antics – which even hardened left-wingers have called ‘cringe’ – but it is sure to damage Biden’s polling numbers.  Global247News Twitter

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