18th september extra restrictions

The Madrid region, one of the worst-hit in Spain, is to introduce targeted lockdowns and other restrictions on movement on Friday (18th of September) in areas with high COVID-19 cases, local authorities said today

September the 18th had been previously reported the date set by governments as a marker point and now the Madrid region will see those extra regulations start to commence including lockdowns of areas.

The date was spilled according to reports by two government ministers whilst on holiday on Spain’s Costa del Sol, although the government at the time denied the date set.

Madrid accounts for around one-third of active coronavirus cases in Spain, with a higher incidence in high-density and low-income neighbourhoods, mainly in the south of the city.

“We are taking measures but it is not enough … Nothing will work if we are not responsible,” Antonio Zapatero, head of COVID-19 response in Madrid, told reporters.

“There has been a relaxation of behaviour that we cannot afford.” He said people were organizing parties, drinking in the street and not respecting quarantine rules.

He did not give exact details of the measures to be announced on the previously predicted Friday 18th of September but said the health department was considering locking down areas with the highest incidence of the virus.

September the 18th became a very contentious date over the last 8 weeks, especially with the British expat fraternity residing in Spain vowing it at one local media outlet as ‘fake news’ who’s freelance reporter had claimed he had an “off the cuff” meeting in a bar with 2 holidaying ministers who cited the 18th of September was the marker point if the virus was not brought under control.

It’s now clear, listening to Antonio Zapatero, that the date was correct all along and that it looks as if lockdown conditions in areas  could be announced.

Global247news caught up with the reporter Alistar Pike who wrote the story at the time this morning.

” There you go, exactly as I said – the 18th of September, and now after getting slaughtered by the expats in Spain, who did not wish to believe and the publishers who I wrote the article for as they came under pressure, what can I say?”

“The outrage was farcical at the time, the problem was people, especially on social media didn’t read the article correctly, I clearly reported that the 18th of September was the marker date and what possible actions were lined up to take place, and here we are with Friday being announced for changes and extra regulations including lockdowns”

Pike speaking from his home back in Martock UK went on to say: ” Those who shouted and screamed ‘fake news’ at the publishers I wrote the artice for should be hanging their heads in shame today, as well as contacting them with apologises – but we know that will not happen,”

” Did those who shouted abuse think i just made the date up? well if that was a guess I better do the lottery daily! ” he exclaimed.

“When you are an investigative jounalist, it’s real journalism not just following the news, but drawing out the detail as I did with the date and some of the proposed plans dependent on the virus situation on the 18th September, I had the off cuff chance meeting and drew the detail, the problem though being people don’t read correctly and only want to read what they believe”

“I’m glad now that the date has been released, it gets to set the record straight, albeit it took a while coming and even the Spanish government denied it at the time” he finished.

The tough regulations to follow on September 18th should be interesting to see and those restrictions that normally come into play in the Capital often follow to other regions.

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