Bus staff member fired after sending 'creepy' messages to childminder

A woman claims to have received “creepy” messages from a man after taking a city sightseeing bus tour in Windsor.


Creepy messages sent using track and trace data: Kat Kingsley, 25, said that she filled out a “track and trace” form in case the company needed to contact her if regarding an outbreak of the virus.

Her personal details were on the form, including her name and telephone number. A member of staff who worked for the bus company then sent her 2 messages asking to see her again.

The messages were sent 3 days after she had been on the sightseeing tour. The worker told her in the messages that she had been “living in his head”. And that he knew the trouble he could get into for using her information to contact her.

Kingsley, who works as a children’s nanny, took the bus tour with a child who she was looking after on Thursday. Handing her track and trace details to a member of staff. She said that after receiving the messages on Sunday she felt “very weird”.

The messages read “basically, the other day after you left, I felt silly keep looking around to see if I could spot you again. So today I decided to stop being silly and go full stupid and write you. Knowing all the risk involved in using data that’s not supposed to be for me”.

It went on to say “Anyway, apart all the due apologies you owe me for all this silliness and stupidity you generated in me. I need you to tell me something to make me finally realize that that smile wasn’t that gorgeous. And it’s not really you, but the fact that I like all the Kat’s in general”.

After reading the message Kinglsey, from Hayle, Cornwall, reported the incident to the bus tour company. As she said that she realized after her initial shock how big a deal this could be.

She went on to say that the Government really need to look into this system as a direct result of her experience. The bus company, Original Tour, said that they are launching an investigation and are taking the matter “very seriously indeed”.

A spokesperson for the Department of Health and Social Care said “the unauthorized use of customer information provided for contact tracking is totally unacceptable”.

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