Black panther on loose Granada Spain

A Black Panther is on the loose in Spain as residents are warned to stay away from wooded area’s

Spain’s Granada in Andalusia has a Black Panther on the loose and the local authorities are warning the town’s residents to stay safe and away from wooded areas.

Several sightings were reported before a cyclist came face to face with the Blank Panther and was able to capture a photo on his mobile phone confirming the previous reports as correct.

The Black Panther that can run at speeds up to 80KMPH and could easily kill if it wished is now being hunted down by the police.

The police have each evening sent up a police helicopter with thermal cameras in Granda to try and detect it although so far without success.

The local residents of Granada are now on full alert and warned by the authorities to report all sightings but not to approach at any cost and especially not to startle the animal.

Local resident, David Lewis who moved to the area 4 years ago to rescue dogs, told Global247news of the fear in the town at present amongst residents: ” People are on alert as there have now been several sightings as well as pictures posted up on Facebook and the Town Hall announcement to avoid wooded area’s – it’s becoming a big talking point as clearly people are worried, you find yourself looking out the garden before you go out,” he said

” All the school kids are talking about it too, my children come home and all they chatter about is the ‘Panther’ – I wouldn’t say people are running scared but it does make you think and is always at the back of your mind venturing out, especially on the dog walks, as we have many rescue dogs and a lot of land – you do keep your eyes peeled”

” We don’t want the animal shot mind, we hope the police use a tranquillizer dart to capture it and find it a good home” he finished.  Global247News Twitter

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