Six swimmers rescued by coastguard in Malaga's Torrox, Spain after ignoring red flag

The six swimmers had to be rescued after three seperate incidents along the Malaga coast on Sunday.

In the first case at around 3pm on Sunday, two Spanish nationals confirmed to be in their 20s, ignored the red flag and got into trouble in the water by Ferrara, El Morche, on the Torrox coast.

A red flag had been raised meaning no going into the water after a strong easterly wind battered the coastline.

The pair had to be rescued by lifeguards who helped them to shore.

In the same location just two hours later, a man and wife on holiday from abroad and both in their 70s had to be rescued.

The wife had gone into the water and the husband went in too rescue her but both got into trouble.

The couple were rescued by three lifeguards and brought ashore without incident.

And the third incident happened on Los Llanos-la Carraca, just 1000 metres from the first two incidents.

A father and son, said to be both Spanish nationals, also had to be rescued.

“It was a complicated Sunday”, said local beach co-ordinator for Torrox, Ms Vanessa Lopez.

“But thanks to the efforts and courage of the lifeguards we were able to solve the three rescues without major problems.”  Global247News Twitter

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