Mother and son removed from flight after toddler removes mask to eat a snack

A mother and her son were escorted from a Southwest Airlines flight on Saturday. After the 2-year-old removed his face mask to eat a snack prior to takeoff.

Mother and son removed from flight: The mother, Jodie Degyansky, was traveling with her child from Florida to Chicago after a holiday visiting relatives in Italy. Her young son, Hayes, took off his facemask to eat the snacks that had been provided by the airline.

A flight attendant asked Ms Degyansky to put a mask on her son but she said “he is eating”. According to a report on the incident the plane left the gate. But subsequently turned back after staff decided to ask the family to disembark.

A 15 minute argument ensued between Ms Degyansky and staff. Even though by this time Hayes had replaced his mask.

However, the staff reply was that “parents are using snacks and chips to evade their children from having to wear face masks”.

Saying that she is in favor of wearing masks and stopping the spread of COVID-19.  Ms Degyansky said it is quite difficult to get a 2-year-old to understand the importance of doing so.

She called on the airline to show more compassion towards toddlers. She finished off by saying that her removal from the plane had been “humiliating” and that she still cannot believe it happened. A spokesperson for Southwest Airlines said that the situation is being looked into and that they would be in touch with the customer in due course.

However, it is our company policy that all travelers with us over 2 years of age must wear a facemask.  Global247News Twitter

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