Ice Age cave bear's remains found perfectly preserved in Russia

Researchers announced on Monday that an immaculately preserved body of an Ice Age cave bear has been found. By reindeer herders in a Russian Arctic archipelago.

Ice Age cave bear’s remains found: It was discovered due to the melting permafrost on the Lyakhovsky Islands with both it’s teeth and nose intact.

These creatures became extinct over 15,000 years ago and up until now scientists had only ever found the skeletal remains of the bears. The find has been hailed as “groundbreaking” by scientists at the Federal University of Yakutsk. Which is a leading center for the research into woolly mammoths and other prehistoric creatures.

Researcher Lena Grigorieva said in a statement that. “this is the only find of it’s kind. The whole carcass of a bear with soft tissues”. She went on to say that it is so perfectly preserved that all it’s internal organs are still in place. And that the find is of great importance to the world.

A first pass analysis of the adult bear believes it to have lived between 22,000 and 39,500 years ago. She finished off by saying that it will be necessary to do a radiocarbon analysis to find out the exact age of the bear.  Global247News Twitter

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