Holidays To Spain for 2021 set to rocket in price on the Costa del Sol & Costa Blanca

Holiday’s to Spain’s Costa del Sol & Costa Blanca are set to rocket in price for 2021

Holidays To Spain for 2021 set to rocket in price: The popular holiday destinations in Spain, on both coasts are set to ditch the “cheap and cheerful” attitude towards holiday packages as the season of 2020 has been devoid of tourists due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Many hotels and resorts are preparing dramatic changes for the future as they feel they can no longer rely on the ” roll them in and roll them out” marketing tactic.

Affordable package deals, cheap alcohol and party holidays may not be on the cards for much longer as many areas set for change.

Statistics are likely to show that as 2021 approaches, there will be far fewer bookings for Spain in general for many factoring reasons.

Those reasons include Britain being in recession and it’s high rate of employment, as well as Spain’s poor current reputation as the largest European country with the most Coronavirus infections.

Although British ex-pats who reside in Spain, feel that Spain is safe and refute that.

According to leading travel agents, Spain will see far less of the majority market of Brits who make up the cheap and cheerful family and fun holidays and as the numbers dwindle the resorts will need to change for a higher grade of client.

These actions are already being seen on both coasts as many hotels are already readapting for the 2021 holiday season.

Whilst hotels have closed doors, indoors works are already in preparation, with some giving up on the all-inclusive package holidays and turning their hotel property into luxury apartments.

One of those hotels, Gardenia Park, in Spain’s Fuengirola is already under transformation as an example.

The hotel which has been a favourite for millions of tourists over the years, offering an all-inclusive package, opened eventually in 2020 before reclosing its doors just 2 weeks later.

The hotel now is being turned into an apartment block.

A member of the hotel management explained: “The owners feel there is no future in cheap all-inclusive holidays, 2020 has been a disaster, the hotel only managed to open for 2 weeks, now its to be reformed into apartments, they feel that is the way forward for the future,”

British travel expert, Leigh James, who arranges thousands of tours and travel across Europe as well as a booking agent for the rich and famous, agrees as he told us: “Spain will need to go upmarket in many areas, at the same time businesses in Spain need to recoup 2020 losses, to make a profit out of cheap packages, you need very high volumes and those volumes will not be there for a considerable time at least, resorts and hotels can’t afford to wait for that time,”

” My opinion, it’s a good move and local establishments such as bars and restaurants will have to apply the same ideology to cater for the more upmarket client, fewer bums on seats but higher margins, that’s the way they will recover”

“I’m already seeing a large downturn for Spain in general, even in the more established regions such as Sotogrande and Marbella, but the lower end of the market I understand is bottoming out, when that happens you need to upgrade to entice the clients with disposable income,” he finished.

It’s not just mainland Spain either, Rosana Morillo, general director of tourism for the Balearic Islands has spoken that the coronavirus situation is being used to assess how the destination’s reputation could change.

Ms Morillo explained that the island’s reputation for “alcohol” and “cheap holidays” could change in the future.

“The tourist sector has understood that this is not the future we want and that this current situation is an opportunity for us to change our model, for the hotels to change the offers they make based on these, let’s say, alcohol consumption and cheap holidays,” she announced yesterday.

It looks like changing times ahead for Spain’s tourism industry when it eventually gets back on its feet.  Global247News Twitter

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