Complete madness as fight erupts with UK police inside McDonalds over social distancing

The fight erupted in McDonalds in Bethnal Green, east London after police were apparently called due to a group of youths not social distancing inside the restaurants and barging in front of other customers.

The group had tried to bring alcohol into the restaurant and when refused barged in past security.

Reports suggest the security asked them to leave after they refused to social distance and then called the police once the group started threatening the security and other members of staff and were pushing in front of customers at the till who were trying to social distance as the restaurant permits.

The maskless group shockingly started fighting with the police and tasers were deployed.

The video shows two young men fighting with the police who then have to try and restrain them and a girl who appeared to be getting involved.

A taser is then used on one man and he crunches forward as the electric current causes his muscles to spasm but remarkably remains standing the entire time.

A disgruntled customer exclaims: ‘I only came here for a f****** chicken sandwich.’

A Met Police spokesperson said: ‘Police were called at 00:18hrs on Sunday, 6 September to reports of anti-social behaviour and a fight inside a fast food restaurant on Bethnal Green Road, E2.

‘Officers attended and were informed that a number of people were consuming alcohol and had refused to leave.

‘Officers attempted to disperse the group, who again refused and became aggressive towards the officers.

‘Three officers were subsequently assaulted. They did not require medical attention.

‘A Taser was discharged. Three women – aged between 19 and 31 – were arrested on suspicion of assault on an emergency worker. A man was arrested on suspicion of affray.

‘One of the women was further arrested on suspicion of possession of Class A drugs. They remain in custody.’

The group were also condemned for threatening the ‘safety of the public’.  Global247News Twitter

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