Black Trump supporter loses job for supporting the President

Michael Burkes, from Los Angeles, California, is an avid supporter of Donald Trump and regularly posts online his love for the President of the USA.

Burkes, who goes by the Twitter name ‘Trump’s Black Grandson’, avidly shows support for Trump by posting things such as ‘The Trumps are the greatest thing to happen to America’ and regularly goes out canvassing.

However, Mr Burkes posted last night that he had lost his job for ‘being a Trump supporter.’

In the Tweet the 28 year old says ‘I recently lost my job for supporting President Trump. I have two interviews this week. Keep me in your prayers!’

Information about his job and how the firing occurred hasn’t been released and whilst some people on Twitter were outraged, others have not been so sympathetic.

African-American Trump supporters and Republicans in general have often been the centre of the most backlash and attacked in public.

Left-wing supporters have often called black Trump voters ‘confused’.

One user on Burkes’ twitter account said: ‘180,000 deaths so far and counting. You should be ashamed to support such a president!’

Another said: ‘Obama is the best thing to happen to America. Stop drinking the Trump kool aide!’

One more said: ‘Trump should not get a second term and YOU should NOT get a second job!’

This kind of spiteful behaviour has been instrumental in getting Biden to the top of the polls during the 2020 election race.

Others have supported Mr Burkes and sent him well wishes.

He has kept upbeat and says he enjoys canvassing and has ‘just got another 20 people to sign up to become Republican. Oh Lord, what a beautiful day!’  Global247News Twitter

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