Vinnie Jones shares supernatural "visit" from late wife Tanya

Vinnie Jones, ex footballer and Hollywood star, has been talking about his grief since his wife, Tanya, died last year at the age of 53 after battling cancer for 6 years.

Vinnie Jones shares supernatural “visit”: He has now written a book entitled “Lost Without You: Loving and Losing Tanya, and in the book he details an unexplainable occurrence that happened to him on the night that she passed away.

He said that on that evening himself, along with family and friends, had been sitting in his back garden at about midnight and the night was still and overcast with no moonlight. As his guests were going to bed he said that he would be in soon as he wanted to sit and smoke and be alone for a little while.

He said that as he sat there alone he looked up to see a white light above him. He knew that it couldn’t be a star as the night was so cloudy. Saying that he had heard when people lose someone they look for signs, but he never believed in any of that. He went on to say that he hadn’t imagined it and the white light was there, so he asked it “is that you Tans”?

The light never changed or wavered he explains in his book. He explains in his memoirs that the pair had a thing where she would say “where’s my kiss?” and Vinnie would blow one for her to catch, so that is exactly what he did to the light.

All of a sudden the light dipped and swerved then flew away, disappearing to leave him sitting alone once again. Lost Without You: Loving and Losing Tanya by Vinnie Jones is out now in book stores.  Global247News Twitter

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