Turkey ORDERS Netflix to remove 'paedophilic' film 'Cuties' from it's network

A new law in Turkey means they have the power to censor shows under their broadcast watchdog if they deem it controversial.

And now Turkey’s media watchdog RTUK has ordered Netflix to remove the French-made feature film Cuties for allegedly promoting the exploitation of minors.

The law was granted in 2019 and will be the first time it is being put into use.

The film ‘Cuties’ – a French made production – has caused worldwide outrage after sexualising girls as young as 11.

Turkey’s Ministry of Family and Social Policy said last month the film that it is ‘nothing like a children’s movie but more like an 18+ rating.’

The ministry said the film “may cause children to be open to negligence and abuse, and negatively impact their psychosocial development.”

The original poster of the film had the minors twerking with Netflix quickly apologising and removing then changing the poster.

The film follows an 11 year old girl as she ‘stars’ with a twerking dance crew.

However, authorities have said that the law is critical for national security and public morality in the country.

The law, which was ratified by the parliament in 2019, requires international streaming giants or online TV networks to establish local companies, open offices in Turkey and purchase government licenses that cost just over $17,000.

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