Students admit to testing positive for COVID-19 at Ohio house party

Ohio police who raided a large house party over the Labour Day weekend were shocked to discover that the students actually admitted to testing positive for COVID-19.

Students admit to testing positive for COVID-19: The also agreed with officers that they were in violation of the city’s quarantine rules. Officers can be seen arriving at the house near Miami University via body cameras and finding students standing on the front porch drinking and playing music but none of them were wearing face masks.

One man admits to an officer that there are 20 people at the party, when the city’s rule clearly states only 10 people per gathering.

The group are asked to disperse while ID checks are being undertaken and an officer is heard to say “There’s an input on the computer that you tested positive for COVID”? The student answered “yes” and said that he had been tested the week previously.

He then admitted that everyone at the party was infected. The six men who reside at the property and one party guest were all fined $500 each.  Global247News Twitter

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