Spain's ERTE scheme set to run until 2021 according to labour minister

The ERTE scheme in Spain according to labour minister is set to run until 2021

Spain’s ERTE scheme set to run until 2021: The Spanish government is considering extending the nationwide ERTE scheme that guarantees workers part of their income into 2021, Labour Minister Yolanda Diaz announced this morning.

“The date is open, but likely (Dec 31) would not be the most adequate and we have to extend a little beyond,” Diaz said in an interview on Spanish state TV station this morning.

She added the extension might be longer for different industries. She said “For instance the tourism industry would benefit from the scheme so long as they need it”

The latest news from the Spanish government minister will bring relief to thousands across Spain including employers.

Spain especially in the tourism industry, that makes up at least 15% of the countries GDP, is having a torrid time financially and expected to get far worse before it finally recovers.

One relieved person on Spain’s Costa del Sol, June Rosser, told Global247news: ” That’s a relief, I was getting seriously concerned with the deadline up in September, there is so little work about and the place I work at is still not fully open, just the owners running it at present, I feared getting the push at he end of the month, so this news is fantastic and such a relief personally as I’m sure it will be for many others,”  Global247News Twitter

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