Breaking: Country becomes first in world to impose SECOND nationwide lockdown

Israel is to be the first country in the world to impose the restrictions for a second time.

The middle eastern country is to impose a lockdown from this Friday, it was announced last night.

Most countries have resorted to more ‘localised’ lockdowns which means cities or municipalities and whole regions quarantining rather than the nation.

However, in Israel’s case, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Sunday night that schools, restaurants, shopping centres and hotels would shut for the next three weeks.

The drastic action comes following a surge in Covid-19 infections.

All citizens will be forced to stay within 500 metres of their homes.

Israel did well throughout the spring pandemic with a strict lockdown but are now suffering a surge with over 4,100 infections recorded on September 12th.

Mr Netanyahu said he regretted imposing the draconian new restrictions but it has to be done.

He said: “Our goal is to stop the increase (in cases) and lower morbidity.

“I know that these steps come at a difficult price for all of us.

“This is not the holiday we are used to.”

Housing Minister Yaakov Litzman resigned from the government in protests over the decision to have the lockdown during the Jewish Orthodox’s religious season.

He wrote in a resignation letter on Friday: “This wrongs and scorns hundreds of thousands of citizens.

“Where were you until now? Why have the Jewish holidays become a convenient address for tackling the coronavirus?”

Israel has suffered 1,108 deaths from Covid-19 in total and over 153,000 confirmed infections so far.  Global247News Twitter

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