Welsh Supermarket Bosses REFUSE to enforce Monday Face Mask Law

Supermarkets in Wales will have signs asking customers to follow face masks law – but won’t be enforcing it

Supermarkets across Wales have said it is not their responsibility to enforce the mandatory wearing of face masks inside their stores, which has angered some customers.
The Welsh Government has announced that people in Wales will have to wear face coverings inside shops and other indoor public spaces from Monday.
Although supermarket chiefs in Wales are clearly stating that they are not lawmakers and will not be challenging customers to follow the law if they are not following the regulations.
Anti Mask protester in Wales, Steven Thomas, who works for Tesco himself praised his bosses.
Thomas for Bargoed said: Masks are muzzles to silence the people – there was no way I was going to challenge customers if they were not wearing a muzzle, and why should we? – our job is to serve food and supplies not enforce silly laws that make no difference,” he said.
Some consumers though feel that the supermarkets should be assisting in enforcing the new law and regulation.
Dennis Patterson from Talbot Green feels his local supermarket should be acting and requesting people not masked not to enter the store, he told Global247news: “They have a responsibility to ensure the law is followed, this is peoples health at stake and security should be on the doors and in the aisles, not just a few signs of advice,” he said.

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