Travel latest: Denmark to go on quarantine list as France sees new cases soar

Denmark could well lose it’s travel corridor with the United Kingdom this week. As their infection rate has risen sharply over the last 7 days.

Travel latest: Denmark to go on quarantine list: Records issued yesterday showed that Denmark’s infection rate has reached 28.7 per 100,000. Which is a large jump from 14.6 last week. The UK considers adding any country to the quarantine list when figures go above 20 per 100,000.

France, who are already on the quarantine list, has seen 10,000 new cases reported in just one day. The new figures for France show that 10,561 new cases were recorded in 24 hours.

Earlier, they were added to the UK quarantine list on 13th August. And anyone traveling from France has to self-isolate now for 14 days. The continual changes to the list means that holidaymakers have been rushing to get back home and flight prices have risen sharply.

A new list is issued each Thursday, after the weekly Government review. A campaign to use airport tests instead of quarantine has been backed by senior MP’s and heads of industry. Including British Airways chief Alex Cruz, who said “British Airways can survive. But only if the Government will work with us, rather than against us.”  Global247News Twitter

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