Exclusive Horoscope by Kenny Corris for 18th to 24th September 2020

Voted in the Top Twenty World’s Best Astrologers, by the American Federation of Certified Psychics. Kenny Corris brings you exclusively for Global247News this weeks Horoscopes

Exclusive Horoscope by Kenny Corris for 11th to 17th September 2020

Aries Horoscope

The vitality and energising force of the Sun in Virgo may very well be occluded this week as a foggy Neptune is the spanner in the works right now. A time for a resolve, because there is no going back; and what comes next can be used to your advantage in a current scheme which is so close to be up for grabs.

Taurus Horoscope

Your planetary leader is in Leo whilst Uranus takes on Taurus in a mid week reveal. There are some surprises as a relationship seems to step up a notch whilst finances and their aspects take on a temporary tumble. All is not lost, but your need to achieve balance brings compromise into a tender situation.

Gemini Horoscope

Neptune’s take on with Pisces seems to have put the cat amidst the pigeons, but then a good shake up was on the cards and your handling of the situation has impressed others. There are negative aspects of Neptune right now that are trying and testing, but for you this has to be a win-win solution.

Cancer Horoscope

All aspects of the current positioning of the Sun are positive, and bode well for anyone who is wanting to chance their luck. You have climbed the mountain, and now, do you have what it takes to step off? Negate fear with action and lethargy with the power of knowing what your positive energy can do right now!

Leo Horoscope

Venus is a welcome guest and the journey across the Cosmos was to support you now in your endeavours. Love comes to you from every aspect right now, and your heart is tuned to passing on the joy that you currently feel. Forget what others are saying right now because you do not need their misplaced guidance.

Virgo Horoscope

At the end of a puzzling and challenging week the great news is that both the Sun and Moon trine with Saturn trines in Capricorn. There is no need to look back at what was, because it is what you make of the current now that matters. The two luminaries bring you harmony and bliss, on the highest level…ever!

Libra Horoscope

Venus checks out current situations as Leo takes all aspects of love under his wing, for good reason. A good time to look within and to take on all aspects of connecting with your innermost soul, since it is high time that your heart re-opened to receive the blessing of the love you both deserve and need right now.

Scorpio Horoscope

It takes two to tango, and someone is playing unfairly and against the rules. It wasn’t you who changed the goalposts but you seem to be facing the brunt of the recent spate of negativity. You are no scapegoat, but a responsible individual who has to admit finally that they have bitten off more than they can chew.

Sagittarius Horoscope

Jupiter Directs this week. Your emblem of lucky chances reverts to support and back you with sensitive issues that you have kept to yourself. Time to play the game a different way and show others, who would criticise you that you are not to be messed with, and that your kindness and patience have expired.

Capricorn Horoscope

Saturn is ensconced with Capricorn to front the Sun and Moon, both in Virgo. It is your call right now, and actions will be the fastest reaction, and, in this case, do more than words ever could. Time for planning and boosting your energies on all levels. The current situation must never rear its’ ugly head again!

Aquarius Horoscope

The New Moon in Virgo starts an intensification of a current relationship, carrying it to new levels. There has been a lot of talking and now a clearer way ahead is sought, since neither of you are into a planning phase, and there are aspects under discussion. Getting such a green light is the start of happy changes and adjustments.

Pisces Horoscope

Neptune is on home base this week and taking on aspects of the Sun in Virgo. The tried and trusted, fixed, ways of Neptune seem to occlude those sunny rays, but change truly hinges on your way ahead, and, through your continued faith in your stronger intuitive powers, all will be more than well!

As an Astrologer, Kenny has worked tirelessly for over forty years to produce quality Horoscopes Worldwide. He has received a major Award for his contribution to the Astrological Arts by being voted into the Top Twenty World’s Best Astrologers by the American Federation of Certified Psychics. He is awarded five stars as a Lightworker, and Psychic Medium.
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Exclusive Horoscope by Kenny Corris

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