Doctor On Spain's Costa del Sol says ignore the COVID infection numbers just follow the death rate

A Doctor on Spain’s Costa del Sol says to ignore the infection numbers just follow the death rate

Doctor On Spain’s Costa del Sol says ignore the COVID infection numbers: As Spain recently passed the half a million milestone of Coronavirus infections a British Doctor based on Spain’s Costa del Sol is advising concerned residents not to follow the infection numbers but just concentrate on the actual death rate.

Whilst Spain has the highest rate of recorded infections it’s death rate remains extremely low.

The once deadly virus now seems not to be the case as death statistics remain very low in Spain as the virus passes through now the younger generations.

Dr Rupert Hayman, who operates as a private doctor, after spending over 40 years working for the British NHS is advising not to follow the infection rates and just concentrate on the death rate as he explained to Global247news exclusively:

” I urge everyone, not to panic when seeing dramatic headlines by some of the media here in Spain regarding infection numbers, these clearly scare headlines as I call them to grab headlines”

“Of course infection rates are rising and recorded but with far more testing taking place it’s obvious that will be the case, the majority of those testing positive aren’t even suffering any symptoms, but they go down as a statistic”

” In my opinion, the worst of the pandemic is over. It was a while back – you only have to watch the actual death rates to see that”

“Producing infection numbers daily is quite pointless. Those infected now in the main are the fit and healthy younger generations. Many don’t even realize they have the virus, showing no symptoms at all”

” I give you an example, I tested 8 oil riggers last week who were heading out to Africa who had to have a negative test result before going to Africa ordered by BP. 4 of them tested positive and couldn’t go. They felt no symptoms at all and are all fit and healthy, although all are now in quarantine. I have checked on all four patients and there are feeling nothing, these guys are all under 50 years old”

” What the startling headlines are doing though of infection numbers is scaring both citizens and politicians into taking evasive actions. When in my opinion it’s not required – ignore the infection numbers. Just follow the death rate as a guide to a countries issues,” said the doctor.

” The virus will not just go away, people will continue to be infected. Just as they are with other infections, the only time it will slow down is when vaccination is developed but in my opinion the worst is over, you only have to look around the hospitals locally to see that, yes there will be a minority who fall unwell. It’s not nice symptoms if you develop them, but in the majority of cases it’s now not a killer at all” he finished.

Local citizens on both Spain’s Costa del Sol & Costa Blanca are in agreement with the doctor’s views.

Harry Winthorp a retired Tree Surgeon, living in Fuengirola said this morning after being shown the doctor’s comments:

” I’m glad someone has actually come out and said it. There is far too much scaremongering by the media, publishing daily infection rates. Why don’t they stick to actual death rates as a guide?  I’ll tell you why, it doesn’t sell, but what they are doing is suppressing life and the economy in general. I don’t know anyone who’s died from Coronavirus! – the majority of the time is an overreaction”

Bar owner Kevin Davies, In Benidorm, was also in full agreement as he said: ” Exactly! – take Benidorm, it’s perfectly safe. We all know that who reside here. The virus is killing Benidorm more than it’s killing people that’s for sure. Things need to change fast.”  Global247News Twitter

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