Chrissy Teigen who Tweeted that toddlers were 'sexy' appears in new primetime car advert with husband John Legend

The online influencer has appeared in a new advert for car maker Genesis despite her controversial tweets.

Teigen, 34, had deleted thousands of tweets which included her saying that ‘Toddler’s tummies are so firm and sexy’ and ‘little kids doing the splits just makes me want to die!’

She also said ‘I am about to Anthony Weiner this kid’ in relation to the former congressman who was jailed for sexual offences against a child.

Teigen refused to say she had written the Tweets and said her Twitter account was ‘hacked.’

She also threatened to delete her whole Twitter account which has tens of millions of followers.

And now Teigen has caused my outrage by appearing all over primetime television with her husband in an advert for Genesis cars.

It involves the husband and wife racing around a track before Teigen takes her helmet off and swishes her hair, asking Legend if she ‘looks good still?’

People took to Twitter to share their outrage.

‘Why has she not disappeared?’ said one user.

Another said ‘She threatened to leave Twitter but now I have to look at her whilst watching the basketball!’

Images of her tweets have gone viral in which she promotes paedophilia.

Teigen refused to apologise or explain her tweets and instead deleted them and got into arguments with her online followers.

She deleted over 60,000 emails and blocked 1 million of her followers before calling them ‘psychopaths.’

It is reported she made a high ‘six figure sum’ by appearing in the advert.

Teigen has also been reported to have been named as on the Jeffrey Epstein ‘flight log’ to his island, which she also denies.  Global247News Twitter

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