Topless protestors expose the 'bare truth' outside the Palace of Westminster

A group of 13 topless women who chained themselves to railings near to Parliament to protest about the climate crisis have been arrested by police.

Topless protestors expose the ‘bare truth’: They used bicycle locks around their necks to make sure they could not be removed. The stunt was part of a larger group who call themselves Extinction Rebellion (XR) and are known to using attention seeking tactics to make people aware of the threat to the planet.

The women had words such as drought, wildfires and starvation emblazoned across their chests and a banner to show MP’s which stated “can’t bear the truth?”. As supporters cheered on the lady protesters from Parliament Square, the police removed the D locks and escorted them to police stations in 4 different vans.

The Met Police have said that, so far this month, 648 arrests have been made from protests in London alone. Home Secretary Priti Patel is obviously not a fan of XR as she said the activists are ” so-called eco-crusaders turned criminals” and has pledged to stop “anarchy on our streets”.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has also gone on record saying these actions are “completely unacceptable” as protestors blocked the delivery of the UK’s leading newspapers.  Global247News Twitter

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