Outside dining BANNED on Spain's Mallorca & Ibiza Islands

Spain’s Mallorca and Ibiza government have banned outside dining as they continue to battle Coronavirus

No outside dining in Spain’s Mallorca and Ibiza is the latest hard regulation deployed as the islands battle the pandemic of COVID-19.

Already under hard and heavy regulations, the Spanish islands have now decided to ban outside dining in all restaurants and bars.

The President of the Balearic Islands, Francina Armengol has announced new measures to try and stop the spread of COVID-19.

These include the closure of all playgrounds, the suspension of all fairs and festivals, a ban on al fresco dining and reduced capacity limits for sporting events, cinemas and theatres.

Four districts of Palma, Mallorca’s capital, are also on a voluntary lockdown as of yesterday, which affects around 23,000 people.

Also, movements are being restricted in Son Gotleu, Can Capes, Soledat Nord and part of Son Canals where a “stay at home” message is being relayed.

On Friday, the Balearic Islands added five new deaths and 317 new cases of COVID-19.

Since the beginning of the health crisis, 10,836 people have been infected in the islands and 265 have died.

There are currently 2,101 active cases, 50 more than on Thursday.

Although many residents on the island of Mallorca feel the outside dining regulation is farcical.

Annie Abraham who has lived on Mallorca for over 25 years feels the new regulation is pathetic as she told Global247news:

” They must be joking, how on earth does eating outside spread the virus? – surely you have more chance of catching it by sitting indoors rather than out in the fresh air” she questioned

“The politicians say they are taking these measures in an attempt to save tourism but these regulations will stop those travelling here, it just doesn’t make any common sense at all”

” The beauty of Mallorca at this time of year is dining and drinking Al Fresco, not cooped up inside” she finished.

Residents on the mainland in Spain now fear the same regulation being applied as local governments, who are in charge of their regions, tend to follow each other.

Kevin Davies, a British bar owner in Spain’s Benidorm said: ” Here we go again, give it 2 weeks and we will see this ruling I’m sure, each regions governing bodies just follow each other like sheep,”

In Spain, it’s reported that behind the scenes September 18th is marked as a date to take further actions if numbers of infections are not felt to be under control and as the date approaches it appears every imaginable deployment of regulations is being applied to prevent further action being taken at the end of the week.



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