Fuengirola port bars all raided by police leading to numerous fines simply for playing background music

Fuengirola Ports Bars Raided: All the bars in Fuengirola were raided by overzealous police yesterday evening at around 9.30 PM. With the majority of them being fined.

Each bar was fined for simply playing background music leaving the bar owners in total outrage.

Fines were in the range of 300 euros per bar for simply playing background music or broadcasting from a television.

The raid has become one raid too many for the owners of the bars and they have come together to call a meeting this week to discuss matters further and lodge a complaint.

All bar owners are to come together at the Family bar in the port on Wednesday at 1 pm to hold a discussion. And lodge a complaint together to the local authorities.

As well as bar owners, regular users of the establishments are also up in arms. And have taken to social media to express their views in the hundreds.

One resident Carol Francis stormed: “Who needs COVID-19 restrictions when the police are doing such a good job destroying businesses. With fines for playing background music FFS!”

Stefan Mitchell though blames the local Mayoress Ana Mula with her own theory which is endorsed by many others as she said:

“This mayoress and her army of anti-fun police are killing Fuengirola (apart from the areas she likes). Fish Alley is a ghost town and she wants the port to be so undesirable that people simply no longer go there and businesses fail.  Then she can proceed with the redevelopment plans with little or no compensation as verything will be closed. She doesn’t give a toss about tourism or people’s livelihoods. Regardless of whatever nonsense she spouts. In my opinion.”

The comment comes after the Mayoress Mula was reportedly spotted 2 weeks ago lashing it up at one of her favorite Spanish owned haunts in the town at 2 AM and still trying to order further drinks, which was witnessed by many, although she has denied since the accusation made.

The port of Fuengirola being up for development and many feel she’s trying to drive them out of business to save having to pay them out at a later stage.

One bar owner, who didn’t wish to be named in fear of further reprisals today told Global247news: “Isn’t it strange it’s always the Port that gets targeted, we got fined 300 euros last night for slight background music on, where has that law come from? – this has nothing to do with COVID regulations, it’s all about money, they are trying to drive us out.”

Bar rivalry although seems to be coming into play, Shaggy’s bar, that has been raided on a couple of occasions previous is alleged to have turned “supergrass” against other owners and reporting them to the cops.

” The German owner comes out and takes video’s and sends them to the cops,” said the bar owner, she obviously feels aggrieved she got done when she had that loud and boring old guitar player there, Ron Howells, and got done for just under a grand, now she wishes the same on everyone else and grasses up” he claimed.

Meanwhile, the row seems to continue to rumble on as clearly the port is being victimised by someone somewhere as background music was played in 90% of bars last night in Fuengirola.


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