Welsh Guards Raided

The police have raided the Welsh guards and five test positive for class A drugs

The Welsh Guards who guard the Queen, have been raided by police near Windsor Castle with 5 of the Welsh regiment testing positive for Class A illegal substances.

The 5 are reported to be from Swansea, Llantrisant, Cardiff and two from Newport.

The raid came after previously 13 guards were jailed after an illegal fuelled cocaine party.

Police launched the large-scale drugs raid on the 1st Battalion Welsh Guards, with as many as 200 soldiers swabbed for drugs at their barracks as well as sniffer dogs deployed and swab tests on items like clothing,  bank cards and other personal possessions.

The operation was performed by the military police and captured the 5 for positive tests with all the results coming from banking cards, although the guards were not arrested they have been issued warnings by the MP and will undergo regular testing.

Senior military sources have said: “The Queen has been made aware of the situation and takes a great deal of interest in her guardsmen.”

The latest raid comes after revelations that 13 of the Queen’s Guards were charged after throwing a party near Windsor Castle after a football game with civilians last week.

The bash not only violated coronavirus social distancing rules, but four of the attendees are believed to have tested positive for cocaine.

Sixteen Welsh Guardsmen were charged, with 13 ordered to serve 14 days inside the military prison known as the “glass house” in Colchester, Essex.

This included the four who tested positive for cocaine, who will reportedly be court-martialed and kicked out of the army once their sentences are up.

Former Welsh Guardsman Geoff Summers from Talbot Green South Wales told Global247news his thoughts on how the regiment he served for 15 years as he said: ” It’s disgraceful they are bringing shame on the regiment, a regiment that should be the pride of Wales.”


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