Alleged killer drove on the wrong side of the road

The lawyers of alleged killer Anne Sacoolas have said that she was driving on the wrong side of the road for 20 seconds. Before the collision which killed 19-year-old Harry Dunn.

Alleged killer drove on the wrong side of the road: The 43-year-old’s legal representatives have now issued a statement telling her side of the story. In which it is claimed that she was driving with due care and under the speed limit.

Apparently Sacoolas “instinctively” started driving on the right hand side. And could not see Dunn approaching. Due to the crest of a small hill.

A spokesman speaking on behalf of Mr Dunn’s family said. “The parents have noted the statement issued this evening on behalf of Mrs Sacoolas. Their position is that these issues should not be aired in any form. Other than a court of law.

Once again, they invite her to do the right thing and return to the UK to answer to the charges laid against her.” The accident occurred outside RAF Croughton, Northamptonshire, last August.

It is a US military base where the suspect’s husband worked in intelligence. US authorities have stated that Sacoolas has diplomatic immunity. And that it would be “very difficult” for her and her family to carry on living in the local area where the accident happened.

An extradition request submitted by the Home Office in December was refused in January. The US State Department have said that the decision to refuse the request is “final”. Sacoolas’ lawyers said in a statement that she did everything she could to assist Mr Dunn at the scene of the accident. But, tragically, it took 40 minutes for an ambulance to arrive. And 2 hours before he was admitted to hospital.

They finished off by saying that “We have been and remain willing to discuss a resolution. Including the possibility of virtual proceedings, with the UK authorities. Anne has never tried to avoid being held accountable for the tragic accident. And she would like nothing more than to find a path forward. And to provide the family some measure of peace”.  Global247News Twitter

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