Spanish Bullfighting Teacher Arrested For Child Sexual Offences on Spain's Costa Blanca

A Spanish bullfighting teacher has been arrested on Spain’s Costa Blanca for sexual offences against children

A 69-year-old bullfighting teacher who resides in Spain’s Murcia has been arrested for sexual offences against minors.

After making the arrest the police have stated that they feel the offences have gone on for years and expect more people to come forward to report abuse cases against the man.

Police officers in Murcia have so far taken 10 individual statements from alleged victims ranging from 11 years old right through to 30.

The bullfighting teacher has been charged with a string of various sexual offences that include child physical sexual abuse and “flashing” at minors.

Child porn has also been retrieved from his electronic devices.

The detectives investing the case feel the alleged perpetrator lured young children to his home with the offer of videos and instructions on how to bullfight before abusing them when he had them in his clutches.

It’s also believed a massage table has been removed from his home after witness statements described how he would offer “Bullfighter” massages to which led to the children being sexually abused whilst on the table.

Another arrest has also been made in regards a 51-year-old man on the basis he knew of the actions over the years and failing to report the horrendous crimes.  Global247News Twitter

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