Spain Breaking News: 133 year sentence handed out to man who killed 5 Spanish priests

A court in Spain on today sentenced a former Salvadoran colonel to 133 years in prison for the slaying of five Spanish priests in El Salvador more than three decades ago.

Spain’s National Court ruled that Inocente Orlando Montano, a former colonel who served as El Salvador’s vice minister for public security during the country’s 1979-1992 civil war, was responsible for the 1989 “terrorist assassinations.”

Montano, 77, listened from his wheelchair as judges read out the verdict, imprisoning him to 26 years, eight months and one day for each of the deaths. The verdict can though be appealed.

133 years

America extradited Montano to Spain in 2017. During his trial earlier this year, Montano denied having taken part or ordered the massacre that led to the death of eight people in the campus of the Central American University of which five of the victims were Spanish Jesuit priests.  Global247News Twitter

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