Worst day in Greece 'for months' as Covid cases rise over 200%

It has been a record day for Greece as Covid cases were up from 248 yesterday (Wednesday) to 372 new cases today (Thursday).

There have been a total of 2135 cases so far this month already with 31 people dying in September.

There were 4 deaths recorded this Thursday, with 3 deaths yesterday and 1 on Tuesday and 5 on Monday.

Sections of the country have been quarantined due to the uptick in cases with islands being cut off from air travel.

Zakynthos (Zante) has been one of the trouble spots with dozens of tourists bringing the virus back to their countries such as Germany and the United Kingdom.

It has caused air travel to be suspended indefinitely and with quarantine measures in place for those coming from other parts of Greece.

The country has suffered 297 deaths so far from Covid-19 with 12,452 reported cases since the pandemic started.

Alarmingly, only 3,804 have recovered so far with thousands still in quarantine or receiving medical help.


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