Covid-19 Spain: Record breaking numbers in the country as highest infection rate in one weekend since records began

Spain has now become the first country in Europe to pass the half a million mark of Covid-19 cases, raising concerns across western Europe.

Madrid confirmed the news with 525,549 total infections across the mainland the islands.

The UK currently lies in second with 349,000 recorded cases whilst France has 347,268.

Deputy General Secretary for Spain, Angela Hernandez Puente said on Thursday: “If we can’t stop the spread of the virus, we’ll start seeing what we saw in March.”

March in Spain saw the height of the pandemic with 9,222 cases and 849 deaths from Covid in a single day and hospitals running at 18% capacity for the virus alone.

There has been a peak recently with restrictions relaxed and schools reopening but nothing close to those figures.

“People need to act responsibly by wearing a mask,” Dr Puerte said.

“People need to wash their hands and maintain social distancing. On a public level we really need contact tracing, which, unfortunately, we have not been seeing.”

“We brought transmission really low during the lockdown, but we didn’t back it up by investing in frontline health and it’s starting to get away from us again.”

Some critics in government and surrounding public health have condemned laws which call for masks to be worn in the street but not whilst in cafes and restaurants where people will socialise.

The government also warned of localized lockdowns becoming a ‘regular occurrence’ and that ‘more deaths are on the horizon.’  Global247News Twitter

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