Speaking quietly reduces Covid spread World Health Organisation state

A reduction of six decibels in speech sound can make the room feel like it has been double ventilated.

And raising the decibels by 35 in loudness via shouting can increase the chances of spreading the virus by 50 times.

The new study comes from the University of California, Davis, with six top scientists delivering the information.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) have backed up the findings after stating in July they had put money into researching how the virus moves through the air.

The WHO stated that the new research showed microscopic droplets ejected while speaking evaporate to leave behind aerosol particles big enough to carry viable virus.

So by speaking quieter in the vicinity of others such as at choir practice or in a restaurant can reduce the possibly of transmission.

Lead researcher William Ristenpart said: “Not all indoor environments are equal in terms of aerosol transmission risk.

“A crowded but quiet classroom is much less dangerous than an uncrowded karaoke bar where patrons are socially distanced but talking and singing over loud music.”

The global death toll for Covid-19 reached over 900,000 on Wednesday.

The world case count stands at 27.8 million.


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