Spanish armed officers on boat get close to Gibraltar and cause OUTRAGE as Ministers respond

A Spanish boat has caused outrage in Gibraltar. After entering the British territory’s waters just meters away from homes.

Spanish armed officers on boat get close to Gibraltar: The vessel was filmed and pictured by residents today yesterday. And caused outrage to the residents on the rock.

Earlier pictures taken clearly show several officers on the boat with one holding onto his gun in his holster. And they quickly spread around the rock on social media channels.
Later, the Leader of the Opposition Keith Azopardi in Gibraltar reacted to the incident involving the vessel saying: “The blatant incursion of a Spanish customs vessel into our waters this afternoon was outrageous”

“The vessel with officers carrying guns on board was meters from Waterport Terraces and from our runway.”

“It was just in front of our own authorities. It was a clear and deliberate disregard of our jurisdiction, sovereignty and control.”
“The GSD completely rejects this brazen and unwarranted incursion into our waters that can have no possible excuse. “We call on the UK and Gibraltar Governments to make clear to Spain that this is entirely unjustified and unacceptable.”
Afterwards, a resident on the Rock who lives in Ocean Village, Greg Maunder told Global247news what took place:
” It was a Spanish customs boat, it had armed officers on board and it came right up to the runway, I first saw the images on social media and then took to my office window with binoculars and could see how the close they were to the runway – they were taking liberties”  Global247News Twitter

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