Spain makes an investment of 4 million euro into a marketing campaign for food exports

Four million investment by Spain to market it’s food exports as sales crash due to Coronavirus pandemic

Spain makes an investment of 4 million euro: The target of the marketing campaign is to rebuild confidence in Spain’s largest export industry and to reassure international clients of the quality and safety of Spanish produced food.

The ministries of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food and Industry alongside the Ministry of Commerce and Tourism have joined forces to create a  substancial marketingcampaign to pin point 20 international markets to strengthen ties with the Spanish food market suppliers.
The main focus will be placed on Spain’s main exports, mainly table olives, olive oil and wine whilst new focus will be placed on cured meats, fruits and vegetables and spices like saffron.
The olive industry is currently experiencing a slump in harvest prices, partly due to the pandemic but also to the high import tariffs placed by the US on Spanish exports as Donald Trump attempts to block out Spain of the US olive business.
The fruit market has also  crashed as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic, with supermarket sales down by 38%.
In an attempt to bolster the markets, the €4 million will be used to create exclusive content for international, high level media outlets as well as organising public relation events across the world.
Six planned documentaries will also be aired on the EuroNews network which will broadcast across 40 countries in 12 different languages.
The goal will be to promote intensively the main customers of Spanish produce, mostly the UK, Germany, USA, Canada, Japan, Singapore, China, Hong-Kong and South Korea as well as secondary markets such as Switzerland, Russia, the Netherlands, the Nordic countries, Ireland, Taiwan and the Middle East.  Global247News Twitter

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