Costa del Sol News: Mijas hotel being turned into Coronavirus hospital in preparation for WINTER WAVE

Spain’s Costa del Sol sees a new Coronavirus hospital be transformed from a hotel in preparation for a winter wave of the deadly virus

Costa del Sol News: Mijas hotel being turned into Coronavirus hospital: A hotel on Spain’s Costa del Sol that sits on the road between Mijas and Fuengirola has started to be transformed from a hotel to a Coronavirus hospital as the Junta prepares for both a second and winter wave of the deadly COVID-19.

The works started out on the weekend without the knowledge of the Mijas council.

A military-style operation took place which alerted local residents. Who then contacted the council to find out what was taking place. But it appears the council were oblivious and couldn’t respond to its residents.

The hotel had been cordoned off as special medical equipment was transferred into the establishment. Owned by the Illunion hotel group.

The operation went on for over 24 hours as the hotel was placed under top security surveillance.

Hotel being transformed

Although the “nosey parkers” of Mijas are not best pleased and feel the location doesn’t suit. Cconsidering the new hospital and medical centre is located in a quiet residential area.

The Mijas council have written to the local Junta complaining that it infers that Mijas has a Coronavirus problem.

The largest outbreaks currently on Spain’s Costa del Sol are in nearby Malaga. Some 40 minutes away from where cases are spiraling. And it appears preparations are being made for further spread along the coast as well as winter looms.

The complaints by the residents in Mijas have not gone unnoticed in the town of popular Fuengirola who are of a different opinion.

Resident and Doctor Rupert Hayman told Global247news: ” The area needs to be prepared. We have to admit we are in the middle of a second wave of the virus and we still have winter to get through. Which is predicted to see a further spread as temperatures drop.  These hospitals have to go somewhere to save people’s lives, it’s not about ego. It’s about health and saving a life – this pandemic has not gone away. It’s clear the Junta are preparing for the worst-case scenarios for the area”

Meanwhile Fuengirola resident Gary Cooper took a swipe at the complainant’s from Mijas: ” Why not Mijas? – it’s a good location just outside the main town of Fuengirola. Where do they want it then, on the seafront?”

“It’s a snobbery matter as far as I am concerned, those who live in Mijas do think they are something a little special. Hence the complaints. It’s a great location and I’m sure it’s assisting the hotel owners too whilst it remains empty due to the lack of tourists”  Global247News Twitter

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