'We are sorry to the England footballers' say Icelandic girls who got Phil Foden and Mason Greenwood sent home

The girls called the pair ‘gentlemen’ and say they are ‘sorry’ for causing them to be sent home from the England camp in Iceland. Critics call the whole ordeal an ‘overreaction.’

‘We are sorry to the England footballers’: Foden and Greenwood were playing in the Nations League game in Reykjavík last week. On both their debuts, when they arranged with the girls on social media to meet at the hotel later.

The invited the pair back and were immediately reprimanded then sent home the following day.

The move has been seen as an ‘overreaction’ after decades of ‘orgies and prostitutes’ being rife among England footballers whilst away on duty. And just more hysteria over Covid laws.

The sex lives of England players have long been entwined with tabloid headlines. And the well-worn phrases ‘scoring off the pitch’ or ‘playing the field’ have become tired catches for front page splashes on Three Lions threesomes, orgiastic hot-tub parties and glamour model kiss-and-tells.

Back in 2000 Rio Ferdinand, Frank Lampard and Kieron Dyer were called ‘animals’ by the press. After they filmed themselves in a hotel orgy in Ayia Napa in Cyprus.

No apologies were given by the trio who said they ‘didn’t give a ****’.

In Foden and Greenwood’s case, they are now paying the price. After what was meant to be a glimmering start to their international careers.

The girls they met have profusely apologized on their behalf.

Nadia Sif Lindal Gunnarsdottir, 20, and her 19-year-old cousin Lara Clausen were not meant to be at the hotel. Due to England team Covid rules against socializing.

Ms Gunnarsdottir said. “I feel really sorry for them and I never wanted to put them in that position. But we didn’t know any better. And we didn’t know that they were quarantining, or else we wouldn’t have gone to meet them.”

Her cousin Ms Clausen said it was a “huge mistake” and that they were “young and stupid.”

“We didn’t even know who Phil was,” she said.

“I asked Phil who he was. I’m not that much into football. I don’t watch football at all. We didn’t even know that Mason played for Man United.”

Greenwood met Ms Gunnarsdottir online days before they flew to Iceland.

Greenwood, 18, broke up with his girlfriend Harriet Robson earlier this year.

Foden, 20, is said to be in a long-term relationship with Rebecca Cooke. And the couple had a son together in January last year.

“I did not know,” Clausen said of Foden.

“I did not google the person before I went to meet him. I feel for everyone around him. Family, girlfriend, team-mates and him too.”

England boss Gareth Southgate called the footballers ‘naive’.

The pair have apologized and will be excluded from tonight’s game with Denmark.

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