Bus driver comes under KNIFE ATTACK on Spain's Costa Blanca

A bus driver on Spain’s Costa Blanca has been the victim of a knife attack in Alicante.

Spain’s Costa Blanca Bus driver comes under KNIFE ATTACK: The knife attacker who illegally parked his car at an Alicante bus stop lost his temper and attacked a bus driver with his knife.

The 21-year-old perpetrator had been given a grilling by the bus driver for taking his space. Which prevented passengers from safely getting on and off his public transport bus.
The argument started yesterday afternoon when the bus driver blew his horn to attract the attention of the motorist. However, the response was not the normal actions to a honking bus driver.
The young Spanish man stormed out of his car and started mouthing off and abusing the bus driver.
He then after a volley of mouthful exchanges went back to his parked car and returned with a large knife. Which he then brandished in a physical assault on the bus driver.
Another bus driver jumped into action to help and restrain the assailant, who caused a minor injury to the left hand of the driver that he was having the road rage with.
The crazed knife wielder was arrested by Policia Nacional and Alicante Policia Local force as they raced to the scene of the road rage crime.
They also arrested a family member that was him who was wanted for previously not appearing in court.

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