Racist pensioner calls black passengers Monkeys and Ni**ers on London bus

Racist pensioner hurls abuse at black passengers on London bus and ends up in fist fight.

Racist pensioner calls black passengers Monkeys and Ni**ers : Passengers watched on in amazement as elderly man throws racist abuse at black people on the bus. He calls them Monkeys and Ni**ers and the incident escalates into violence.

At approximately 6pm yesterday on a bus near Edgeware in London, a situation quickly got out of control. An elderly pensioner hurls abuse at black commuters who were on the bus.

Angry words are exchanged before the pensioner leaps up and starts to throw punches. A passenger posted on social media.

She wrote: ‘We had just gotten on the bus, we decided to stand because the back had a couple people. My cousin was leaning on the hand bars and the man randomly pushed his elbow off. So he did the normal thing and turned around confused and asked, ”Why did you push my arm off?”

‘The man then replied by shouting don’t talk to me you monkey which is when my friend turned around and said what did you say.

‘We were all so shocked and then the man proceeded by shouting ”Stop talking to me you monkeys, f*** off” repeatedly.
She claims that another passenger on the bus reported the elderly man to the bus driver who called the police.

But she adds: ‘The bus driver called the police on the white man but they clearly didn’t get there in time. The man then began calling us n***** and saying we shouldn’t be on the bus. He then kept coming forward as if he was going to push us.

‘But then as you can see in the video, he ended up actually swinging for my friends which is why they hit him. It was simply self defence.’

Video from @jayjaydax and Daily Mail


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