Pet petition for animal abuser Greg Philips in South Wales

Petition starts against Glyneath Dog Beater: Greg Phillips, 40, of Glynneath, South Wales was caught on dash cam repeatedly punching a cocker spaniel.

Dash cam footage showed Phillips grabbing hold of the unnamed dog as she jumped out of his car when he went to put a crate of beer on the back seat.
He then punched her several times. Before throwing her into the boot along with other dogs, and then striking her again.
RSPCA Inspector Keith Hogben said. “In broad daylight and with people all around, this poor dog was beaten by his owner. Who clearly had no regard for his legal responsibilities towards his animal.
“Fortunately, the dash cam footage helped us to identify this individual and ensure we could take action.”
“Clearly, this is no way to treat an animal. and thankfully, the vast majority of people across south Wales and beyond will be shocked by this footage. And appeal against the beating this poor cocker spaniel was subjected to.”
Sentencing: 150 hours of unpaid work; a total of £390 costs and charges. NO BAN or deprivation order was made.
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