Nile Fever Strikes Again In Spain As Farmer Drops Dead After Being Released From Hospital

Farmer in Spain drops dead from Nile Fever in Sevilla after being released from hospital

Nile Fever Strikes Again In Spain: A fourth person, this time a farmer, has died from the West Nile virus outbreak in Sevilla, Spain.

 A 78-year-old farmer  who worked in Pinzon, died on September 5.
The farmer first became ill on August 14, suffering fevers and a body temperature of 39C after being bitten by a mosquito.
He entered hospital  on August 17 but was released the next day after testing negative for corona virus.
The very next day, his family took him to the Virgen Macarena Hospital as his fever continued and he had trouble staying awake. According to his son in law who spoke with the Spanish press.
Several tests and a CT scan were performed before a blood analysis sent to a specialist hospital in Granada. This revealed he had the West Nile virus that had already killed 3 persons in Spain prior.
The farmer stayed at the hospital, without ever entering intensive care, before being released on August 25.
“If you talked a little with him he would answer you. However, if you were silent for 10 seconds he would immediately fall asleep again. He was sleeping all day,” the son-in-law told the Spanish media.
“When they saw his record at the Macarena hospital, they saw that he had only gone once for an analysis; He was a person who was healthy, like men in the fields, always eager to work.”
His death is the fourth within a month, following that of a 77-year-old, 85-year-old and 70-year-old.  Global247News Twitter

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