Merthyr Tydfil Heading for LOCKDOWN

The next town looking to head into lockdown in Wales is valleys town Merthyr Tydfil

Merthyr Tydfil Heading for LOCKDOWN: Coronavirus cases are rising in Merthyr Tydfil. Which is a cause concern says the former head of health analysis at the Office for National Statistics.
In the past seven days, 4.4% of tests in and around Merthyr Tydfil were positive.
That is close to the 4.8% figure seen in Caerphilly, which has gone into lock down, and well above the 3.1% seen in Rhondda Cynon Taff.
“If you look at the data across the whole of Wales, Merthyr Tydfil would be the one you would be more concerned about. Rather than Rhondda Cynon Taff,” said Jamie Jenkins.
Over the past seven days in Merthyr Tydfil, 4.4% of tests came back positive. Which is not far behind Caerphilly, and they have only done half the number of tests.
Wales is struggling with a second wave of the deadly virus but an anti-mask and Corona virus campaigner currently in quarantine himself after returning from Portugal last week has been hitting out at the Welsh Assembly government.
His latest statements against the Welsh government and the current situation, in general, have been:

“Fook me I’ve only been back a day from Portugal and Caerphilly Borough is in lockdown

A couple of people sneezed and a couple tested positive of which these tests are being proved to be inaccurate.”
“Ok, my lovely people so in the new state of Caerphilly with borders if you work outside this new state do you still go to work?
Key workers etc is not the issue. People still need to work to feed themselves and pay the bills. Or do they pay you not to leave this new nation no one is allowed in or out? The new clear as mud rules”

“Got to get this off my chest.

When I’m told I’ve got to think of my wife who has MS when it comes to COVID19. Now Listen we have been protecting her from viruses for ten flaming years and COVID19 is just another to Chuck in the mix.
More dangerous ones out there than this one, even when the Grandkids got sniffles we don’t have them as it’s harder for Cath to get over it than myself.
Influenza and the Nora virus more dangerous to her than COVID so please if you are a brainwashed sheep that is so scared you no longer think logically then don’t tell me how to protect my wife.
As when next to no deaths and hospital admissions you still believe it’s back with a more deadly vengeance. Oh please.
But please get ready for the masses of deaths from undiagnosed or untreated illnesses out there because of COVID lockdowns and it’s gonna be massive.
But that will be put down to COVID and the sheep will believe it.”
Thomas with his Grandson

Campaigner Thomas is seeing a surge in support as he continues to protest with over now 20,000 Welsh supporters having signed his petitions.

Despite being under quarantine regulations the campaigner has announced his next weeks travels as he continues to campaign for freedom and civil rights.
He announced on his social media channels:
“Well this is the next week sorted of my travels Tomorrow: Visit Rhymney
Thursday: Visit Risca
Friday: Visit Newbridge
Saturday: Visit Blackwood
Sunday: go to Caerphilly and check out Checkpoint Charlie on top of the mountain
Monday: Visit the delights of Ystrad Mynach
Tuesday: Drive through New Tredegar but won’t stop.
Wednesday: Pontyclun”

Thomas who regards face masks as government muzzles aims to reach 100,000 signatures for his petition.

He told Global247news this morning” The government will not silence me, I’m not a muzzler, the majority of Wales want freedom from these pathetic regulations – they can stick them where the sun doesn’t shine”  Global247News Twitter

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