Man with asthma forced off Easyjet flight

The low-budget airline have been forced to apologize. After a video shows a pilot forcing a man off of a plane for not wearing a mask.

Man with asthma forced off Easyjet flight: The man said he has a note and shows an official piece of paper with government rules on it for clarification. however, the pilot said ‘You have two seconds to get it on or you’re off.’

As the passenger calmly explains himself the pilot says ‘Right, get off’. Which led to cheers from the passengers.

The shocking footage can be seen by clicking below.

The man, who referred to himself as ‘Nick’ does not want his full name mentioned. Later, he told news reporters he has serious breathing issues and the “sensation is stifling” when he wears anything around his face.

“It’s like a steel belt around my chest,” he said.

In addition, he told Easyjet staff that he also had a medical exemption card. But the Pilot still refused to fly him from Jersey to Gatwick.

Subsequently, the Department for Transport for England said those who are exempt can choose to carry a card, badge or a homemade sign.

However, providing documentation is a personal choice and not necessary in law.

Initially, the card was accepted on the flight out. However, on the return journey the crew said it was not valid and he would have to wear a mask.

At this point, Nick refused. He says: “The staff came to speak to me around six times. The 30-minute delay was seen as my fault and each visit whipped up more hostility among the passengers.

“I was insulted, shouted at, laughed at. It felt like everybody was against me.”  Global247News Twitter

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