Jet2 say no refunds for Scots who were scheduled for Portugal as customer get angry

The budget airline has announced they will not refund Scottish customers who had booked for Portugal

Jet2 say no refunds for Scots: Scottish customers of Jet2 will not be getting refunds the airline has announced for flights scheduled to Portugal.

Scotland & Wales have made a mockery of the British quarantine regulations. Whilst stating travelers from Portugal would have to enter 14 days quarantine on return. Whilst across the border in England it’s still at present a non-regulation with no quarantine required.

Despite the regulations now in place, the airline is continuing with flights. And following the advice from the English government who deem at present Portugal safe.

As the flights continue it means that any Scots wishing to cancel will not receive a refund if they now do not wish to travel.

A spokesperson for the northern-based airline, whose headquarters are in Leeds said.  “We always follow the advice of the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO). And their guidance states that Portugal is exempt from their advice against all non-essential international travel.”

“Likewise, we are continuing to operate our scheduled programme to and from Portugal. Subsequently our usual terms and conditions apply.

Additionally they stated “This is a fast-moving situation, and we are continuing to monitor the situation very closely.”

The matter has left Scots furious. James Wallace told Global247news how he’s just returned from Portugal and has decided to reside in Leeds for 14 days. Rather than return to his homeland in Glasgow. He told us: ” I went with the lads to Portugal, they are all from England. We flew from Newcastle, on return I have decided to stay at a mates place in Leeds. Rather than be cooped up in quarantine. Sturgeon has got this so wrong, very wrong”

“To be fair whilst hundreds are complaining on Jet2 forums. You can’t blame the airline, they have a business to run. And are still prepared to fly. You need to blame the Scottish government for this”

“It’s a bloody farce” he growled.  Global247News Twitter

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