Hope for Spain's Balearics

The UK’s Transport Secretary Grant Shapps announced on Monday that their view towards countries as a whole being on the quarantine list has changed.

Hope for Spain’s Balearics as UK look to ‘target specific areas’: This means, certain areas such as the Balearics may be able to have an air corridor to Britain. Whereas mainland Spain will not.

It gives the islands and possibly the Canaries too.”A window of opportunity” to allow travel free of quarantine.

It comes after Mr Shapps told the UK government that the government is able to ‘pinpoint risk in islands.’

This also has the reverse effect with numerous islands in Greece such as Zante being placed on the red quarantine list with the UK. After dozens of British nationals brought back the coronavirus from the islands.

Iago Negueruela, the regional minister for tourism and employment said the policy change was. “good news for the Balearics”. Additionally “It is something we have been demanding this summer.”

‘Now the first thing we have to do is reduce the infections on the islands and prepare for 2021,’ Mr Negueruela said.

‘This decision by the British government gives Hope for Spain’s Balearics and allows us to view the horizon.’

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