Boeing finds faults on 787 aircraft

Boeing has ordered the suspension of flights of eight 787 aircraft due to possible structural failures.

Boeing finds faults on 787 aircraft: A few days ago Boeing ordered the suspension of the flights of eight 787 aircraft. Due to possible structural failures. As of now, tests continue. And now it has been discovered that measures will be taken at the South Carolina factory to avoid delivery of aircraft with defects.

Subsequently, deliveries of the the most successful aircraft that it has built, the Dreamliner, will be delayed. At least until this new problem is resolved.

During the first months of the 737Max crisis, the American press published testimonies from former managers of the industrial plant. In which they denounced a certain defect at the factory. This resulted in the 787 to having safety issues. Now, it seems, the company confirms that there are difficulties in ensuring the safety of the plane.

According to the information that the company released this Tuesday, it is necessary to inspect the rear parts of the 787’s fuselage. Together with the horizontal stabilizer that is a part of the tail of the plane. The defects  have been found in aircraft not yet delivered to customers, which are expected to be delayed.

Now, the American aviation authority said it will intervene to find out the details of exactly what is happening as Boeing finds faults on 787 aircraft. Both the company and the authorities do not want the situation concerning the 737 repeated with the 787.

Experts say that they are facing a new scenario. And now it is necessary to see what type of failures are going to be identified. Additionally, this could lead to many consequences, depending on the severity of what has happened.  Global247News Twitter

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