This Morning viewers catch an eyeful in naturist report

ITV show This Morning has always tackled news articles head on. However, today’s show may have shocked even the most die hard viewers.

This Morning viewers catch an eyeful: In a report on naturism, presenter Josie Gibson entered into the spirit of things and appeared live and naked from a resort on the outskirts of Liverpool.

The article was tastefully presented. With items such as tables, chairs and frames covering the naturists most intimate parts.

Although the article was going well, one shot showed a gentleman naturist standing by a car door. However, the door had not been closed quite enough to prevent viewers catching a glimpse of his manhood.

The offending shot was quickly rectified, with host Phillip Schofield shouting ” that was close”! His co-host, Holly Willoughby, was struggling to hide her giggles at the faux pas.

Reporter Gibson, 35, decided to strip naked for the interview. With just cue cards covering her modesty. Willoughby asked her if it wasn’t a bit cold to do that today. After the segment finished, Willoughby couldn’t resist making a cheeky link to a following cookery item. Saying “what better way to follow that than with a cheeky kebab”!!  Global247News Twitter

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