Spain becomes first country to hit half a million Coronavirus cases In Western Europe

Spain is the first country in western Europe to hit half a million Coronavirus cases

Spain becomes first country to hit half a million Coronavirus cases: Spain has hit the 500,000 mark of Coronavirus cases as the second wave keeps swiping through the country.

Despite heavy regulations throughout the various regions of Spain, the virus continues to grow in numbers daily. Whilst the country leads the way with the highest amount of infections. Although on the other hand actual death rates are falling drastically since the country’s National State Of Emergency.

The infections are mainly now in the younger generations which are thought to be the reason for the lower death rate. Although the spikes in numbers now coincide with Spanish schools and colleges returning.

Spain is ninth in the world table of infections, with the US leading the table ahead of Brazil and Russia.

Spain though has a far lesser population of the leading countries estimated at just around 40 million residents.

Despite the high numbers, many residents in Spain believe the country is perfectly safe. And that the current restrictions do not make any sense or a difference.

Thomas Steponi who resides in Spain’s Benidorm told Global247news his thoughts this morning. As he said: “Got to say these regulations are a complete joke – Tests carried out are not accurate say, scientists.
But here is the pathetic parts. You are not allowed to have anyone outside your household in your house. Or have anyone staying over-But you can all meet down the pub unmasked.”

“Wake up and see we are all being played. People will be dying not of COVID but because of COVID.”

“Too many people who are frightened to death by the true Virus out there. And that is Politicians and the Mainstream media
And don’t forget people to wear your muzzles!” he stormed.

It’s a view point held by thousands across Spain who feel that the restrictions are making no difference at all as the numbers demonstrate. Darren Davidge from Spain’s Fuengirola was quick to point out. ” We are seeing people really suffering financially and mentally with all these harsh restrictions. Whilst the numbers spiral anyway, it’s clear as a bell they don’t work.  Whilst the government here is sending people to starvation financially. All the restrictions need to be lifted, people aren’t dying from the virus. However, they are being strangled by Spanish pathetic rules. The hospitals are able to cope as the government say, so please lets get on with life”  Global247News Twitter

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