Outrage after 13-year-old autistic boy shot by police for 'running away' in Salt Lake City, Utah

Authorities in Utah are investigating the shooting of a 13-year-old autistic boy by police. The incident happened in the Salt Lake City area.

Outrage after 13 year old autistic boy shot by police: Police responded to a 911 call to a home in Glendale Friday night with a report of a boy who had threatened people with a weapon.

The boy reportedly ran and was shot by an officer after being pursued by police.

In their initial report, police said they were responding to reports of a juvenile, having a mental episode. He was making threats with a weapon.

But the mother of the boy said she was the one who called 911. She did so because her son who has autism and Asperger’s was in a bad mental state.

She said he did not have a weapon and no weapon was found at the scene.

Utah Police said they will not give any more details until body cam footage from the police officer’s is divulged. Which will take around another 10 days authorities confirm.

Salt Lake Mayor Erin Mendenhall said in a statement late Sunday that the shooting was a tragedy. He called for a swift and transparent investigation.

Chris Bertram, a criminal justice professor and former chief of Holladay police, said even a young person can hurt police officers, but going into these situations, police have a whole toolbox of options.

“Talk, hands on, intermediate weapons, a baton or a taser, or pepper spray. Not that we necessarily want to use that on a 13-year-old, but there are things you can deploy in those circumstances,” said Bertram.

The boy is said to be in a bad condition but it is recovering from gunshot wounds to the shoulder, ankles, intestines and bladder.


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