Prisoner on death row petitions Trump for clemency

The President said that Pentagon chiefs ‘fight wars to keep arms dealers healthy’ whilst speaking from the White House last night.

Liberals accuse President Trump of ‘attacking’ the military: Liberals and hawks dashed onto these comments to say that Trump was ‘attacking’ the military.

He has also been accused of calling military personnel who died in combat ‘losers.’

Trump has repeatedly denied the allegations, which were based on the claims of anonymous officials and aides, reiterating on Monday: “Who would say a thing like that? Only an animal would say a thing like that.”

Democrats including law and policy makers were ready to jump on the latest comments from Trump.

Former state senator for California, Ted Lieu, tweeted:

‘Dear @realDonaldTrump: You have attacked servicemembers who died in war; Gold Star families; POWs; and now military leadership. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?

You are the Commander in Chief. Please stop denigrating our military.

Also when will you condemn Putin?’

CNN’s Barbara Starr tweeted: ‘Everyone is entitled to their opinion about the US military. But this comes during 9-11 commemoration here at Pentagon & military bases around the world. Generals have held dying troops in their arms, buried them at Arlington and 19 years later still comfort families.’

Trump has accused top military brass for retiring into ‘lucrative positions’ in military weapons contracts jobs. Where they ‘grease the poll’ for lucrative government contracts.

Trump has tried to end all the wars America are involved in and brought home thousands of troops from Iraq and Afghanistan. Also he has made peace with North Korea.

His son, Donald Trump Jr said that a “permanent moratorium” on retired generals serving on the boards of defense contractors. A phenomenon known as the ‘revolving door’. Would “end the endless wars immediately.”  Global247News Twitter

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