Khashoggi murder verdicts sentence eight to prison

Riyadh Criminal Court in Saudi sentences eight people. Long prison terms given for the murder of journalist and dissident Jamal Khashoggi in 2018.

Khashoggi murder verdicts : Riyadh Criminal Court, according to State Television have rendered a maximum sentence of 20 years to 5 of the accused. A 10 year sentence for another, and 7 years for the remaining two accused. No names have been released,

Critics and a UN Investigator immediately jumped on the judgements. Highlighting the fact that no senior officials, or those suspected of ordering the murder were present. They have also questioned the “Independence of the Court”

Whilst living in exile in the United states, Khashoggi who had written critical pieces for the Washington Post on Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince. Prince Mohammed  at this time launched an attack on writers, human rights activists and anyone criticizing the war in Yemen.

Inside the Saudi consulate in Turkey, in 2018, Khashoggi was allegedly murdered. And then dismembered by Saudi agents. A body has never been found.

The team of Saudi agents flew to Turkey to meet Khashoggi at the consulate for his appointment to collect marriage documents for his Turkish fiance. Agnes Callamard The UN investigator, said the team had intelligence and security officers, a forensic doctor, and others directly linked to the crown prince’s office.

A “bugged” recording of the assassination made by Turkish officials was given to the CIA for analysis. Allegedly Khashoggi was murdered and dismembered inside the consulate.

U.S. Congress insist the crown prince bears final responsibility for the murder. Stating “an operation of this magnitude could not have happened without his knowledge.” However, the prince has denied having any knowledge of the operation.

The writer’s son Salah Khashoggi, still lives in Saudi Arabia. He has been financially compensated by the royal court for his father’s killing.  Global247News Twitter

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